Poem: Falling in Love All Wrong

This poem was first published in Aberystwyth English Department’s MA Anthology, ‘A Grain of Sand’, in May 2016.

[Cyhoeddwyd y gerdd hon yn ‘A Grain of Sand’, cyfrol diwedd blwyddyn yr Adran Saesneg yn Aberystwyth, yn Mai 2016.]

Falling in Love All Wrong

Mae ‘na frân i bob brân yn rhyw le. [1]
Somebody managed to fall in love with Hitler
after all.

In Pier Pressure,
on a Saturday night,
it’s easy to pretend
that the beach is golden
and soft underfoot,
and in the 1940s,
wherever they went to get drunk,
that young girl was there, shot down by Sambuca,
and thought that suddenly
his manicured moustache
and the way he demanded that Pepsi
just wasn’t good enough
was exactly what she needed.

Sensing he earned good money
keeping his hands clean
and conscience filthy
she decided that
they were going to fall in love.

Outside Pier Pressure,
on a Sunday morning,
it’s impossible to deny,
that the beach is nothing
but ugly grey pebbles,
sharp dangerous sticks,
and litter
left behind.

Her hangover hovers,
and she’s stuck with
a love
that will never last.

[1] Literally translates ‘Crow for every crow’, implies that there’s someone for everyone out there.


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