Conference: CRSF 2017, Liverpool

*Cymraeg isod*

This year, I had the incredible experience of presenting a paper at the Current Research in Speculative Fiction Conference. Held at Liverpool University, I had previously attended last year, but this was the first paper I’d presented there.

‘Rebuilding the Nation: Welsh-language Post-apocalyptic Fiction 1964-2009’ introduced work by D. Griffith Jones, Cliff Bere, John Idris Owen and Lloyd Jones, discussing them in light of the two Welsh referendums. Whilst Pe Symudai y Ddaear (1964) encapsulates the ‘nationalist euphoria’ of the 1960s, the more sombre tone of Pennod yn Hanes Milwr (1981) and Y Ty Haearn (1984) reflect the apocalyptic effect of the first unsuccessful referendum in 1979. Y Dŵr by Lloyd Jones in 2009, in stark contrast, warns against the danger of complacency in the globalised society, despite the creation of the Welsh Assembly following a marginal win in the 1997 referendum.

I was touched by the response to my presentation, and the questions I was asked has led to new paths in my research – so thank you to all who offered suggestions and comments! I hope to either record or publish the paper very soon.crsfIt was a pleasure to attend so many interesting panels with a variety of topics discussed, and also to meet new friends from all over the UK and beyond. The keynotes were both excellent this year, with the second keynote by Dr Robert Maslen of Glasgow University, ‘The Politics of Celtic Fantasy in Children’s Fiction of the 30s and 40s’, especially relevant to my own research.

As well as the conference, I also spent a little afternoon wandering the city. I had never been to the Docks before, despite having visited Liverpool several times in the past. An inspirational visit to the TATE Gallery, where seeing Tracey Emin’s My Bed first hand was a personal highlight, means I’ve returned to my desk this week inspired and full of new ideas.

my bed

Yr wythnos diwethaf, fynychais gynhadledd ‘Current Research in Speculative Fiction’ ym Mhrifysgol Lerpwl i gyflwyno papur ar lenyddiaeth ôl-apocalyptaidd yn y Gymraeg. Cafodd y papur ymateb gwych a chodwyd nifer o gwestiynau perthnasol. 

Mwynheais y ddwy brif ddarlith gan Dr Bernice Murphy a Dr Robert Maslen – yr ail yn enwedig, a hwnnw’n trafod gwleidyddiaeth mewn enghreifftiau o lenyddiaeth Geltaidd i blant. Dychwelaf at fy nesg yr wythnos hon yn llawn syniadau newydd – syniadau ymchwil a chreadigol! 



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